Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

ED is a common problem and is treatable.

How is ED Diagnosed?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a medical condition. Our board-certified physicians or specialty-trained doctors and medical staff in men's health, will provide you with a physical examination as well as a health history review.

It’s possible to determine this condition during your initial visit to our facility. There’s no reason for lengthy tests or invasive treatments to diagnose the need for natural ED treatment.

Because ED can be a condition that gradually worsens, the doctors will diagnose your current degree of dysfunction.
One in four men of mature age deal with ED. You might have already discussed the situation with your primary care physician. Unfortunately, the medications they gave you eventually stopped working. Our goal is to get to the root of the problem, treat it, and provide you with a lasting care approach that results in better erections.

The Most Common Causes of ED

Several factors may be contributing to your case of ED. There’s good news! Each of them responds well to our natural ED treatment. You deserve to live the highest quality life possible, and ED can put a damper on that. That’s why we compiled a list of 9 common causes of ED to help you better understand what the root causes are.

  1. Hormonal Imbalances — As you age, testosterone levels go down. By boosting your body’s ability to manufacture this hormone, you return it to a healthy balance.
  2. Weight Gain — It’s an open secret that obesity causes many health problems. Examples include diabetes and high blood pressure. Did you know that these conditions could affect your ability to experience better erections? Our treatment helps you lose weight if you need to.
  3. High Blood Pressure — This condition is one of the primary causes of ED. The pressure damages the tender arterial walls, which minimizes your ability to get an erection via proper blood flow. However, there’s also a problem with blood pressure medications. They can contribute to ED as well.
  4. Diabetes — Adult-onset diabetes is an outcropping of an unhealthy weight. It is a common condition in men who present with ED.
  5. Heart ProblemsHeart disease is directly related to blood flow to the penis and the surrounding tissues. Therefore, it plays a role in possible ED.
  6. Clogged Blood Vessels — Narrowing of the arteries or clogging interferes with the blood flow you need to maintain an erection. Our doctors will work with you on reversing this condition if you receive this specific diagnosis.
  7. Accidents — Did you experience tissue damage to the penis area in the past? It’s not as unusual as it may sound. Physiological impacts can have detrimental effects on the penis area. That said, there are natural ED treatment options.
  8. Medication Side Effects — Many mature men take several medications. Some are for mood disorders. Others may be for physiological health problems. What many of these medications have in common are undesirable side effects that include a reduction in libido and problems reaching or maintaining erections.
  9. Mental Blocks — You’ve struggled with ED for a while now. You have performance anxiety. Is it any wonder that ED is now a self-fulfilling prophecy? Once again, there’s help for you.

Our Natural ED Treatment

In the past, pills and surgeries were your only options. This is no longer the case. Now, natural ED treatment offers far superior approaches.

GAINSWave® Therapy

Completely non-invasive, this acoustic energy treatment works on mobilizing dormant cells in the penis tissue. These cells go then to work and repair blood vessels that suffered damage. Most importantly, the therapy also results in more elastic blood vessels, which is essential for better erections.
This natural ED treatment is a non-surgical approach to encourage the rejuvenation of the penis and its surrounding tissues. Platelet-rich plasma boosts the circulation within the penis. It also enhances the other therapies you might undergo. Most importantly, it’s an excellent option when you have diabetes.
When a curvature in the penis prevents you from getting or maintaining an erection, counteracting possible scar tissue is critical. The PRP shot offers excellent options for doing so.

Raul's ED Treatment Testimonial

Raul’s issue with ED was hurting his marriage life, but since he began his natural ED treatments, Raul has seen improvements in performance as well an increase in confidence.

Why Choose Our Natural ED Treatment?

Choosing a natural ED treatment is safe and pain-free. Moreover, it’s the right way of working with your body to experience the erection you’re looking for. Don’t waste your money on gadgets that make big promises and then don’t deliver. Similarly, there’s no reason for painful surgeries. Natural treatments that get results are your best choices. Contact us today to learn more about your options and to schedule a discreet appointment.

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