The PRP Shot for ED

Simple & easy. Non-invasive.

What is the PRP Shot for ED?

The PRP for ED, is an injection that is a non-surgical procedure ad is entirely natural and safe. It is designed to stimulate a complete rejuvenation of the penis from the inside out. It’s interesting to note that our board certified physicians or specialty trained medical providers and medical staff in men’s health administer the PRP ed treatment, which takes only about 15 minutes. Therefore, the appointment is perfect for your lunch break! 

Curious How the PRP Shot for ED Works?

That’s why we put this short video together. Watch the video and learn more about how the PRP shot for ED works.

What Does the PRP Shot for ED Treat?

The short, 15-minute procedure focuses on improving your sexual performance. It’s an ideal solution for men who struggle with health issues that affect the functioning of the penis and its surrounding tissues.  

The painless PRP shot for ED focuses on tissue repair alone. Therefore, it’s not a temporary fix. Rather, it deals with conditions brought on by adverse reactions to diabetes or Peyronie’s Disease. The result is a penis with increases in size and functioning.

How Does the PRP Shot for ED Work?

Our PRP shot for ED providers use your own platelet-rich plasma, which prevents any type of allergic reaction. The procedure activates proteins and natural growth factors that are part of the platelet cells. By targeting the location of the injection, it’s possible to boost the concentrated platelet mix to turn on the actions of your own stem cells. This step results in the production of collagen, repair of tissues, and growth of healthy blood vessels.

You’re an excellent candidate for the PRP shot for ED when you struggle with health conditions that affect the quality of your erections and overall sexual performance. Besides that, the PRP ED treatment is ideally suited for the male who’s looking to increase the girth as well as the length of his penis. For many men, our providers offer solutions when mechanical devices and creams made promises but failed to deliver results.

Our PRP Shot for ED

Our PRP shot for ED creates results that you can see, feel, and measure.


The size of your penis increases. It will immediately become more substantial. As stem cells do their work and cause new tissue growth and old tissue repairs, you’ll likely see more enhancement as well as positive changes in girth. 


If you received a Peyronie’s Disease diagnosis, our platelet rich plasma therapy for Peyronie’s Disease helps repair the damage that was done to the organ’s structure. You’ll notice that the penis will straighten.

Blood Flow

Healthy, unhampered circulation is the key to lasting erections and a satisfying sex life. The repair to blood vessels and the growth of new vessels supports this level of blood flow.

Treatment Success

If you concurrently participate in other therapies, you’ll notice that their successes improves, too. Healing tissues in and around the penis make it possible for the organ to respond to these treatments.


You will notice a return of the sensations that you might have been missing. Your penis once again responds to stimuli it might not have registered in a while. These sensations can lead to significant improvements in pleasure and sexual satisfaction.

Why Choose Our PRP Shot Providers?

Our prp shot providers don’t introduce foreign chemicals into your body. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about allergic reactions, lumpiness, or discomfort. Moreover, stimulating cell growth creates lasting results. 

Thus, the PRP shot for ED isn’t a short-lived intervention that loses its functioning after a couple of hours. Instead, you’ll see continuing results for days and weeks to come. In fact, it’s safe to engage in intercourse after just a few short hours post-injection! 

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